How To Escape The Unconscious Ego

Successful Entrepreneurs Need to Manage Ego

I believe we all have two versions of our self.

There is your self-importance, what I’m calling “me,” and then there is the actual you.

Most people live their lives being controlled by their self-importance, never realizing that there is the actual self, or their more overlooking self.

The higher self is immeasurably more stronger in controlling your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

The actual you can watch as if seeing yourself in a film.

When you put yourself in your higher self, you’re able to find yourself and distinguish the true self from what your ego is feeling.

The actual you looks at your ego and says: “That’s me being mean”;

“That’s me being lonely”; or “There I am feeling completely joyful.”

Once I realized that a higher self lasted inside, I was able to look at the way I lived and say, “There I am working like a lunatic
and making myself suffering because I’m counting for other people’s substantiation to make me feel important.”

The moment I separated myself from my ego and recognized what truly drove my actions was the instant when I finally had the power to make a shift.

Posted in: Self Improvement on October 5th by Aidah Omar

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