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What is Eumora?

The Eumora Bar is made from 100% natural ingredients – a boutique facial bar enhanced by the unique combination of Moor, HmA Factor, our
proprietary concentration of natural ingredients, extracted from the essence of MicroAlgae, plus the finest base available.

The combination of all three elements – Moor, HmA & the Base create the magic of Eumora.

HmA is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B12 & niacin which can increase the skin’s energy & protect the skin. With its absolute compatibility with the skin, it doesn’t irritate & provides moisture for all types of skin in all climates.

Eumora bar contains 100% natural ingredients, with Moor, HmA and Base all from Europe.

Eumora contains no controlled substances and has almost 95% active ingredient.

Eumora heals the skin organ from the inside out rather than simply concealing symptoms.

The bar provides the skin with a unique combination of nutrients which stimulates the body to heal the skin quickly such as regenerating
collagen to help naturally firm, lift and rejuvenate the skin.

Eumora is an all in one skin health solution and is transforming the skin care market.

Unlike most other facial products which contain chemicals, Eumora is totally natural and safe.

It penetrates easily into the skin, re-establishing the skin’s natural pH balance & increasing the flow of blood to the skin.

Moor is clinically tested & found to be naturally hypoallergenic & to be able to harmonise with & benefit any skin type, eliminating the need for many different types of creams.

What are the benefits of Eumora?

  • Helps to cleanse, tone and moisturize all skin types
  • Helps to cleanse oily skin and close up pores
  • Helps to lift & firm (tightening) up the skin – Act just like toner
  • Reduce appearance of wrinkles and freckles too
  • Helps to improve all kind of skin condition (eczema, rashes, pigmentations, acne, scalp, etc)
  • Also equally effective as a shampoo or shaving foam
  • Enhance facial complexion, very potent & show significant improvement even after using it only a few times

The bar is very safe and contains no controlled substances – it is chemical free.

Eumora has been safety approved by authorities in Singapore and Malaysia and complies with the HALAL requirements according to Islamic Law. It is also said that even the Royal family of Malaysia is using the Eumora bar.

How long does Eumora take to work?

You are normally able to see significant results after using the Eumora bar for only a few times because of the strong Natural ingredient components in the bar.

As the time goes by, you will see clearer and far more significant results as your skin improves and rejuvenates itself. 🙂

You are normally able to see significant results after using the Eumora bar for only a few times because of the strong Natural ingredient components in the bar.

As the time goes by, you will see clearer and far more significant results as your skin improves and rejuvenates itself. 🙂

Your product seems expensive. Why is that?

The Eumora bar is a unique formulation of the finest natural ingredients which delivers fast acting results.

These ingredients  do not come cheap and the price reflects this accordingly.

Compared with other claimed anti aging skin care products, which have less active ingredient, Eumora is considerably less expensive.

In most cases a single application of the bar delivers greater benefits than a traditional facial treatment at a really expensive Spa.

If used very sparingly, twice per day to the face and neck, one single mini bar can last up to two months and a standard four bar carton six to eight months.

If you work the maths out that is less than 36p or 43 cents per day – a truly amazing price for great looking younger skin and affordable by all!

Is Eumora tested on animals?

No. We do not test any of  our products on animals or have animal testing conducted on our behalf by anyone else.

The product itself has no animal content.

Where can I buy Eumora?

We do not sell direct to the general public, preferring to sell through a growing network of specialist retailers and online resellers.

Please contact us to purchase Eumora.

What is the shelf life of Eumora?

Each carton has an expiry date printed on the back of the box. Normally the expiry date is 36 months from date of manufacture.

What is the best way to apply Eumora?

1.Use a fair amount of water and work the Eumora facial bar into a rich creamy lather.

2.Gently massage the lather into your skin.

3.Leave the lather cream on to permeate into your skin for at least 3 minutes , ideally 5 minutes.

4.Wash off with water and ideally leave the skin area to naturally air dry.

We recommend you use Eumora twice per day, morning and night.

If necessary apply a thicker layer of lather to a particular problem area of the skin and leave for a longer time.

If you are using Eumora on your feet where you have thicker skin, leave the product on for longer – 15 to 20 minutes- then gently wash off.

Washing off is important as you need to wash out the toxins from the skin after the bar has supplied your skin with the nutrients.

Don’t different skin ages have different skin needs? How can this product work for an 18 and a 70 year old?

Eumora bar is suitable for all skin types and ages because it contains no chemical ingredients, only 100% natural ingredients.

It firms up dry skin, controls the sebum action of oily skin, normalise combination skin and rejuvenates ageing skin.

Is it really true that Eumora Bar can be a substitute all my facial products?

Yes it is true that Eumora bar can substitute all your normal every day facial products and will probably provide you with more favourable and faster results.

The Eumora bar is made from of 100% of natures finest ingredients being a better option for a healthier and more natural glowing skin.

How often should I use Eumora?

We recommended you use Eumora twice a day, morning and night..

How long will a carton of four Eumora bars last?

This really depend on how frequently you use the product and how thickly you apply the lather.

If used very sparingly, twice per day to the face and neck, a standard four bar carton can last for six to eight months.

Eumora Side Effects – Are there any known side effects?

Eumora is 100% natural with no reported unusual side effects from tens of thousands of users.

You may see a couple of comments out on Internet blogs and forums talking about pimple growth and a generally tightening and dryness of the skin.

Eumora is designed to detoxify the skin, bringing out all the toxins that have been hidden away underneath the skin, and in a few cases some people may notice a general drying and tightening of the skin and might even experience a slight peeling.

Do not fret,these are all perfectly normal characteristics of a healing skin and it is clear evidence that Eumora is performing its magic.

Depending on your skin’s condition this detoxification process normally takes anywhere from one week to a month to complete.

For most people the only side effect you might witness in the early days of usage is a few pimples coming out.

This is evidence that your skin is cleansing and the pimples should disappear as quickly as they appeared.

Can I go out into the Sun after using the product?

Yes. Eumora contains HmA (Microalgae) Factor that protects skin from ultraviolet light and premature aging of the skin.

Extra care needs to be taken if you are out in the sun for extended periods.

In such instances if a sun block is applied use the Eumora bar to wash off the sun block and replenish your skin’s key nutrients.

Will Eumora stain or discolour my skin?


Can I apply Eumora to my scalp?

Yes. When applied to the scalp hair is left naturally stronger and healthier. You can also use it on babies.

Cases have even been reported, where hair is thinning and the roots still exist, of amazing hair re-growth!!

I am pregnant. Can I use Eumora?

Yes. It is made from 100% natural ingredients and not harmful in anyway to your skin or body.

After pregnancy Eumora can be a great aid in ensuring any stretch marks quickly disappear.

Can I still apply makeup after using Eumora?

Yes of course you can.

You will notice that after using Eumora, your makeup will glide on more smoothly and easily.

You will also notice that you will need less blusher to achieve that already there natural looking healthy glow, but you may no longer want to use make up as your skin will naturally be more radiant and beautiful!

What exactly is in the bar? I want the specifics.

Ok, if you want to really know the scientific description of what goes in each and every bar of Eumora here it is – Disodiumlauryl Sulfosuccinate & Sodium Coco-Sulfate & Triticum Vulgare (Wheat) Starch & 1-Octadecamol & Parafin & C17789, Heilmoor Clay, Water, Olea Fruit Oil, Chamomillia Matricaria (Chamomile) Extract, Olive Oil, Isopropyl Myristate, Aqua & Glycerin & Algae Extract & Polglucoronic Acid.

Trust us it works to deliver amazing results!

I have seen Eumora advertised much cheaper. Why is this?

In recent months, with the rising popularity of the Eumora Skin Health Bar, a number of counterfeit / copy cat products have been filtering
onto the market, especially in the Far East, claiming to be equally as powerful, or even the SAME as the Eumora bar, but marketed at much
lower prices!

Beware – because most of the time, these bars turn out to be totally illegal counterfeit product or simply just pitiful inferior imitations.

Whatever someone may tell you, Austrian Neydharting Tiefen Moor clay is the only one of it’s kind in the world being a precious controlled item that can not be sourced “on the cheap”.

The unique formulation of the moor with the other two prime ingredients, the base and HmA, is what really delivers the special powers of Eumora – and the formulation is a closely guarded trade secret, shared with no one!

We set a recommended retail pricing model for Eumora and actively encourage our resellers not to sway too far from the structure.

If you see prices considerably below the Recommended Retail Price, especially on the Internet, the probability is that you will be supplied with inferior or illegal counterfeit product.

We strongly urge you to only buy from official authorised Eumora resellers and check to make sure that the carton you purchase has the unique Authenticity Seal on the packaging.

Please do not to risk your skin’s health to save a few Pounds, Euros or Dollars!

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