Earn Money In Singapore: I Have No Time!

Here’s the first tip of solution involving time management.

Stop telling yourself, “There’s just not enough time in the day.” Every time you repeat that statement, you fortify your identity as someone who lacks time.

The often you say things like that, the more you make them solid and end up stuck
in this vicious cycle of lack and scarcity. Essentially—that statement is weak and every time you say it, you make yourself even weaker.

That may sound hurtful, but it’s that cruelness that I had to use with myself.

You see, that seemed to be my daily ritual. Every time I said there’s not enough time in the day, I was shifting blame to something other than myself. I always had an excuse if I didn’t
get everything done.

After all, it wasn’t my fault! It was the fault of time.

Here’s how I changed the situation. Every time I started to think or say to myself, “There’s just not enough time in the day,” I’d turn it around and tell myself, “There’s more than enough time in the day.”

I had to change my internal thoughts as it related to time.

I had to reprogram my subconscious to conceive that I had plenty of time to get everything done.

When I changed my programming, I made a quantum leap in my ability to produce.

Now don’t get me wrong. Are there days when I don’t get everything done I want to do? Of course.

But by switching my internal notions about time, I now stand from a place of mightiness instead of a place of weakness.

The first step is taking responsibility for the fact that there is lot of time every day to do what you want to do. We all have the same number of hours in a day.

Time is not the enemy, your belief about it is.

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