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Chloreana – Total Natural Supplements

image Chloreana is a total wholesome organic food that contains 20 amino acids with 20 essential minerals and vitamins. It boots the immune systems and detoxifies at the cell level. It restores body system balance while working to remove toxins and heavy metals. Packed with Pro-vitamin A action, benefits of Vitamin A while minimizing concerns of overdose. Recommended Directions: Chloreana comes in tasty chewable tablets best consumed with water, before meals or as a nutritious snack. Recommended Amount is 14 tablets daily.

Fibrena – Delicious Grape Flavour Fibre Drink

image Fibrena is a great tasting, grape flavour fibre drink that detoxifies, cleanses and balances your digestive system. 1 sachet of this fibre drink = 5 servings of fresh organic vegetables and fruits a day. It encourages healthy bowel movements and cleanses while energizing the colon. By removing the toxic impurities in your body, it can help to improve complexions for healthier looking skin. Recommended Directions: Empty one sachet of Fibrena into a shaker with 150ml room temperature water, mix well and consume immediately. Recommended Amount: 1 sachet everyday before bedtime and 1 sachet in the following morning if necessary.

NmA Vegecapsules – Everyday Radical Protection


The reason why NmA vegecapsules are the most priciest is because it contains the world’s strongest anti-oxidants – but without the side-effects. Astaxanthin is 550 times more strongest anti-oxidant than Vitamin E and is 10 times stronger than Beta-Carotene. It is better and more effectively absorbed in the human body – helping to protect the skin from UV light and premature ageing. Recommended Direction: 1 capsule daily.

Peurafirm – Bust Enhancement Cream

image LIMITED STOCKS! Uniquely combined with Hma (Hydration microalgae) Factor, PueraFirm is formulated with abundant natural phyto-estrogens from the tuber of Pueraria lift, firm and enhance the breasts while simultaneously conditioning the skin surface for a total beauty and health makeover. It conditions and moisturizes the skin with the aid of Hma Factor. It improves the circulation of the area which relieves menopausal disorder. Recommended Direction: Rub on breasts in a circular motion for 5 minutes daily.

PeuraTime – Package of Peurafirm + PeuraGen

image LIMITED STOCKS! Peuratime is designed for the busy lady in mind. PeuraGen derives its name from high grade collagen (HyCollagen) that enhances the delivery of benefits for skin and bone health. It firms and lift the breasts and has been reported to ease menopausal symptoms. Recommended Direction: 1 sachet per day before sleeping to reap results.

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