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Leverage On A Proven Facial Bar That Will Appeal To The Masses!

Overview Eumora Supply and Trading Business

Professional Enterprise CertificateThe Eumora Facial Bar is developed and distributed by Esabee Pte Ltd. Since its inception in 2008 – this product has successfully been marketed in only 3 countries so far – Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

It is taking Asia by storm and has sold a phenomenal 2 million boxes with a turnover exceeding $35 million within 2 years! Esabee Ptd Ltd has also been recognized with a Professional Enterprise Certification that is usually given to established companies like AKLTG.

But enough about the company Esabee and Eumora.
How would doing the Eumora business help you in your life?

Dear Wealth Builder

I will try not to be fluffy, and will include some systematic approaches laid out in a bulleted fashion for your easy understanding, but I want also to encourage you, and excite you about working on your business not just educate.

The truth is that you need “fire” if you want to enjoy the fruits of prosperity, the fruits of your own genius, the one that you know you are, deep down, and you just can’t wait to show the world.

Guess what. I got good news for you.

I hope reading this allows you to do 1 more thing:

Encourage you to get started and take a step, so that your passion for marketing can start bringing you and your loved ones some comfort and prosperity.

This will equip you with knowledge that will cause you to never be a slave to another employer again.

Remember, if you can produce money without having a job, the whole world is gonna think you are a genius.

You really might become humbled by their amazement.

How would you like to do a business that allows you to … Actually this is the business system point-by-point:
  • Just use the products everyday
  • You never need to sell again
  • Give out cheques to everybody in your team
  • Finally get out of that job and get everyone to go for holiday together?

I know what you are thinking: “You are talking Fluff again!”

People are going to jest at this and make fun of you when you tell them these points above, so I warn you ahead of time… I am going to tell you… your market is “ignorant people”.

That is not a bad word.  It means they just “don’t know”.
I’m not kidding! We even have a song based on the above points.

The market is currently still under-penetrated –

What’s best about this business – you don’t have to believe a single word here!

Instead purchase a $10 ticket – Risk Free – to attend the weekly function.

Weekly Function – You Want To Sell To Me Again Lah…

If I tell you the speaker is a multi-millionaire who owns a huge castle with a view overlooking the South China Sea – would you think you will be interested to listen?

I will pay you $20 to listen to you if your house is bigger than his. 🙂

The money he has in the bank – literally earns him interest amounting to a princely 6-figure sum per month. He does NOT need to this presentation at all!

But listening to his presentation – you will get laugh, cry and smile.  This speaker has made many people forget about the blues they feel when in the workplace – and for just $10 – listening to him can literally melt all your troubled feelings away.

I know because I still attend the weekly function every single week!

Whoa! Wah Lau Eh – $10 – So Expensive!

Come on. Don’t try to bluff me. How much you spend on a movie ticket + popcorn in Singapore nowadays?

If you can spend $10 to get entertained for 2 hours in a movie theater – then I’m sure you can spend $10 to educate yourself on the many money-making opportunities out there.

Ok lah – I know you are still thinking how to fork out this bloody $10…

Can I give you a FREE Ticket to attend a highly motivating 3-Day Financial Education Seminar coming to Singapore Expo this November 2010?

Attending this particular seminar 3 years ago has given me a major marketing advantage when it comes to building a lucrative and highly successful business.  Go ahead and find out how I did it and quit my job to do my own business full-time.

Remember, if you can produce money without having a job, the whole world is gonna think you are a genius.

Thank you for reading this. I hope it was helpful.

Now go make some money!

At Arthur Yap's place

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